Unamercian Idols

by Mute The News

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Who We Are:

Mute The News is a dynamic duo hailing from the suburbs of Boston, MA. Formed in 2010 by long time scene veterans Nick "Pasquarosa" Pasquarosa and Jay "Speak!" Lane ( the two who are actually blood cousins ) set out to transform and push the musical boundaries of what they see as a very dry and predictable genre. Pulling from a combined 20 years of musical experience both as solo acts as well as members of various local rock , metal and hip hop / reggae bands the two started appearing together through out Boston as guest spots for one another. After repeated requests by both artists and each others fan bases the two decided to combine forces in early 2012 in hopes of forming a full time foundation which became " Mute The News". Both artists who are heavily influenced by music of all kinds, viewed the formation of the group as a chance to take huge chances musically with their ability to use several elements from using heavy metal like melodies, deep poetic musings, new age double time lyricism, rugged political and theological commentary as well as left field dance-hall patois. The results are a combination of golden era lyrical hip hop reminiscent of local legends such as Sage Francis and Esoteric, high energy acts such as The Beastie Boys and Onxy to the more melodic harmonies of System Of A Down & Incubus to the political call to arms action of Rage Against The Machine and The Clash. All of this sets a foundation for a pure sound all there own which never hesitates to change song to song. Mute The News truly is Music with both a message and music with spirit and soul.

About Speak! Ya Rhyme:

Coming up as a lower working class kid of a single mother in the suburbs Boston in Natick , MA Speak! has always had a chip on his shoulder and a bias towards the underdog / under-served of society. An Avid lover of 80s Punk acts such as Bad Brains and The Clash as well as high energy metal acts of his youth such as System of a Down, Rage Against The Machine & Slipknot all the way to roots reggae staples such as Sizzla, Damian Marley, Buju Banton & golden era kingpins such as Nas, Wu Tang , Redman and modern theological rappers such as Propaganda, Beautiful Eulogy & Lecrae. You can say that his style is truly schizophrenia. One second infatuated with quick witted punchlines, another with thoughtful theological scripture based raps to mind crushing political verses reminiscent of an in his prime Zach De La Rocha. Speak! Started in the Boston scene close to Eight years ago and has close to a half a dozen Independent EP & LP releases to his name. A recent convert in 2012 to Christianity with a self professed liberation theology , Speak! sites the gospel of John and The Book Of Revelation having almost as much influence on his music as Wu Tang Forever, Toxicity or Evil Empire did.

About Pasquarosa:

A highly political thinker as well as a former statistic of homelessness who has overcome adversity his entire life and risen like a true phoenix from the ashes Pasquarosa is the driving force behind the rugged yet melodic metal sound of Mute the News. A Master of double time multisyllabic rhyme scheme, Pasquarosa has a sound comparable to no one. Equal parts Queensryche, Alice In Chains , Incubus and System of a down Mudvayne. His style has the rugged hype of the Beastie Boys with poetically deep content like Sage Francis . Melodic in his writing style, he approaches every song full force which brings Mute's dirt and hype. A veteran of the Boston music scene for over a decade. This marks Pasquarosa's first official album release. A microphone and mix tape champion with over 100 recorded songs, Nick Pasquarosa started recording and performing in 2002 with best friend 3SK.For years he jumped around groups till he formed with Mic Monarchy in his early twenties which gained a considerable local following. Now that Mute is here he plans on taking this as far as it can go. Heads will be sure to turn.

What We Are About:

We aim to spark a meaningful dialogue through the content of our music both politically , spiritually and on a comedic punchline front. We aim to piss you off with our opinions which at times conflict with each other. That is the beauty of our music though. It is an expression of the confusion of the modern day human condition. We don't claim to have all the answers, we contradict ourselves and constantly expose our own vulnerabilities, but that is the point. Through Love, Unity & Peace which is the mantra of the group we aim to break down the walls of your indifference. We are an anti hate , anti thug & cocaine rap , pro lyrical and musical ability act in a genre that has dumb it down within the past decade. We aim to be the group swimming against the current of trends that reminds you at the very heart of our existence what we feel is our purpose through expression, that being to QUESTION.

Why The Name Mute The News? :

Mute The News, in other words forget what you heard. The name in itself was meant to represent more of a way of life with the purpose of blocking out what popular society tells you is the norm and tells you how to feel, dress , act, speak, & create. We push you to research issues for yourself and question what has been put in front of you.

Unamerican Idols The Album:

The Debut 40:00 LP Released December 25th 2012 is a 12 track political and lyrical opus which marks the entrance of Mute The News into the national market place and scene. Featuring Boston hip hop Icons such as Esoteric from the Army Of The Pharaohs, Czarface w/ Inspectah Deck & 7L & the Demigodz. The album also features Akrobatik of the Perceptionists with Mr.Lif. Also along for the ride are Providence heavyweights and brothers in arms F.P.M.F.P ( Funny People Makin Funna People; Rich Broke & Rippz ). The Album features an eclectic mix of local producers such as S-GracE and EDM producer NOYA, an instrumental produced by member Speak! ya Rhyme as well as a true blend of both American producers EKX to European producers from Spain: The Freestyla Norway: Loop.Holes & The UK: Gadman Dubs. ~~~nRecorded and Engineered Solely by Jay Lane & Nick Pasquarosa in various basements and living rooms and mixed and mastered by Adam Noya. This is a true 100% organically grown , made , recorded, edited and promoted album.
Equal Parts Golden Era Hip Hop-Roots Reggae-Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal Flows. Mixed With Bass Heavy Yet Melodic Instrumentals.


released December 25, 2013



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Mute The News Boston, Massachusetts

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